Beginning in the mortgage industry at the very young age of 18, Hani was committed to learning everything he possibly could in order to ensure that his client’s loan transactions were seamless and successful. It was his negotiation skills that helped him to close an average of 25 loan transactions over an eight-year period and becoming a top loan officer at one of the largest nationwide mortgage company with over 150 loan officers.

Segueing from the mortgage industry into a real estate firm, Hani opted to venture out on his own. Taking all of the experience and knowledge he’d amassed throughout his career, as far as helping clients get out of their debt, Hani successfully managed more than 1200 short sale transactions. He created a robust and reputable brand by focusing heavily on strategic planning and market analysis.

Hani then moved to California to pursue a more focused and challenging field; earning his Juris Doctor degree at Western State College of Law,he now had the educational experience to offer an even deeper service platform. It became readily apparent that many lawyers had difficulty understanding the financial side of the real estate market, while those on the real estate side had trouble deciphering the legal complexities of transactions. This was where he has been able to make a substantial difference in his clients’ lives.

Well-versed on that critical intersection of real estate and law, not to mention having 12 years of experience in the mortgage industry under his belt, he has been able to guide clients through the more nuanced aspects of their transactions, as only someone with his unique skillset and background could.

Because he has such in-depth professional expertise and a localized understanding of the mortgage process and real estate market, Hani’s greatest contribution as far as his clients’ portfolios are concerned is that he always steers them toward smarter choices: when to buy or sell a property, exit strategies that make sense and such that help sellers minimize paying capital gains tax. For him, it isn’t about the quick solution, it’s about that lifetime solution. He is constantly searching for those creative answers that enable his clients to realize greater cash flow and long-term income. Not to mention, Hani is his clients’ most diligent advocate when it comes to finding real estate exit strategies that minimize capital gains taxes. He works tirelessly to safeguard their money.

In addition to his work in residential and commercial real estate transactions, Hani, upon graduating from law school, also became heavily invested in the estate planning process. Today, he makes sure that his clients are consistently in the loop when it comes to understanding the various trusts available, and the way in which they can maximize capital- Hani works with his clients to ensure their assets are properly titled in the name of the trust, taking responsibility to supervise the funding.  Hani also have an established process in place to ensure that your assets remain titled correctly, and newly real estate acquired assets are titled properly thus maximizing capital and look at how to make things as easy as possible for your loved ones after you are gone.  Because no one wants to leave a mess for the one’s they love. Taking it even a step further, he became a certified probate real estate broker so as to better help clients navigate the probate process, if not avoid it all together.  

It is Hani’s comprehensive, hands-on expertise across industries, from finance, to real estate, to estate planning law, that makes his services truly one-of-a-kind. Also, given his diverse background and the ability to speak English, Spanish and Arabic, Hani has the capacity to reach out to a multitude of communities in different countries, opening up new global opportunities for his client base.

Hani has lived in California for five years with his wife, Dr. Noor Haffar and their two sons, and daughter.

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